Who isn’t stressed these days?  No one can escape what is happening across the country and the globe with the outbreak of the coronavirus. It is time to reconsider how what we eat may affect our ability to decrease anxiety, increase calmness, and help us sleep during this fraught time? Using specific foods or nutrients to influence or improve how we feel is taken for granted by many. Eating carbohydrates may make the stress associated with the coronavirus crisis a little more manageable. There is a benefit to eating carbohydrates in times of ongoing stress.

Why Do We Eat Our Feelings?

There may be psychological reasons why we turn to carbs and baking in crises. Looking forward to something delicious that you like to eat is in itself something that can keep you positive. There are four more psychological reasons underlying why we crave carbs.



When you smell food cooking, even if it’s the aroma of fresh-baked bread, or brownies, or a spaghetti sauce, it grounds you in the present moment. The smell of people cooking at home is comforting and it’s relaxing.



Food is also a source of connection. You might have fond memories around breaking brownies with mom growing up it’s understandable that these things would be coming to us right now. This is a wonderful source of comfort.

Planning ahead:

Making a choice about what food you’re going to have that day eliminates the fear of scarcity.


Healthy Carbs Are Good Carbs

Although we should be kind to ourselves, allowing ourselves some comfort during hard times, it is important to keep a balance. Don’t have any type of shame, eat as much as you fancy, but keep an eye out for how what you’re eating and how it makes you feel. Comfort foods and treats in moderation can be part of the menu, especially in these stressful times.


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